Who Was Aidan?

AIDAN (Died 651 AD) – the bold and gentle evangelist and teacher -: “Aidan gave an inspiring example of self-discipline and continence, and the highest recommendation of his teaching to all was that he and his followers lived as they taught. He never sought or cared for any worldly possessions, and loved to give away to the poor who chanced to meet him whatever he received from kings and wealthy folk. Whether in town or country, he always traveled on foot unless compelled by necessity to ride, and whatever people he met on his walks, whether high or low, he stopped and spoke to them. If they were heathen, he urged them to be baptized; and if they were Christians, he strengthened them by word and deed to live a good life and to be generous to others. His life is in marked contrast to the apathy of our own times.” Venerable Bede Ecclesiastical History of the English People Chapter III, 5.