The Order of St. Aidan | Community of Aidan & Hilda

The Order of St. Aidan (The Community of Aidan and Hilda) is an evangelistic community for Christians who wish to live wholeheartedly as disciples of Jesus Christ, and to express this in a distinctive way that draws inspiration from the lives of Aidan, Hilda and other Celtic saints. Members of the Community share the belief that God is once again calling us to the quality of life and commitment that was revealed in the lives of these Christians whose witness was so effective.

The central relationship for the member of the Community is the Soul Friend. Our soul friend is our companion in our venture of discipleship with Jesus and provides us with encouragement, accountability and vision. 

Members of the Community follow a spiritual discipline based on the ten elements of the Aidan Way. While we share the presence of the elements in our personal way, each member’s Way is unique to their personalities and circumstances. Rather than a structured Rule of Life common to all, the member and the soul friend work together developing the member’s personal way. 

So why the two names?

The original name was St. Aidan Trust for the umbrella ministry and the Order of St. Aidan for the community. The names were later combined in the UK to “The Community of Aidan and Hilda.” Though having different names we are the same community. However, because the occasional confusion this has created we’ve recently added the “Community” name to the others by which we are known.