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Design from book of kells

The Book of Kells: Exploring an Irish Medieval Masterpiece

Discover medieval Ireland using the Book of Kells, a ninth-century manuscript featuring the four gospels of the new testament. This course will serve as a window through which to explore the landscape, history, faith, theology, and politics of this early historical period. Being offered through Trinity College Dublin, this free, on-line course is a 4-week study that can be accessed at any time. For more information, visit their website 


New Facebook Page!

The Caim unanimously agreed to the launch of a closed Facebook Group, “Pilgrims on the Aidan Way,” for active Explorers, Pilgrims (USA), Voyagers and Long Voyagers for the worldwide CA&H. Be sure and check out this out.

Here is the regular Facebook Group Community of Aidan and Hilda (USA)

Here is a resource from the UK

Celtic Daily Light

Extracts from Ray Simpson’s Book that changes daily.

Celtic Christianity Summer School Talks
In the summer of 2019 the Community organized a week-long conference on Celtic Christianity. Leading experts were invited to give talks on many aspects of the subject and the audio records of these are available for download below. Many of the talks are over an hour in length and the files are very large, so they will take a few minutes to download, even with a good internet connection, so please be patient.
As a great deal of work and cost was required we are asking for a donation of £3 for each large file (over 100MB) and £2 for smaller files that you download. You can make this through our donations page.

Audio File Downloads
On Windows systems right click the link you want and select Save link as. Apple users will know their own method! If you are using a tablet computer check how much storage capacity you have before downloading. If you are using a smartphone ensure you have enough storage and are connected to WiFi.

Ray Simpson’s latest book:


Practicing Pilgrimage in Everyday Life with Pat Loughery

(The webmaster of this site) This is from A Sacred Journey, by Lacy Clark Ellman.

The House that John Built

John, beloved disciples of the Lord:
pray with us.

Fathers and mothers of the Desert,
people of prayer and bringer of wisdom:
pray with us.

Martin, saint of Tours,
builder of communities of hermits,
living simply, loving God;
Martin, soldier of Christ:
pray with us.

Ninian of Whithorn,
apostle and example:
pray with us.

Patrick of Britain,
missionary to the land of Ireland:
pray with us.

Brigid, compulsive giver,
lover of the poor, Brigid of Kildare:
pray with us.

Columba of Iona, exiled from Ireland,
abbot and scribe, lover of Christ;
Columba now the gentle;
Columba of the Church:
pray with us.

Oswald, king and saint,
willing interpreter of the Gospel truth;
Oswald, man of prayer:
pray with us.

Aidan, emissary from Iona;
gentle and straightforward;
torchbearer; liberator of slaves;
Aidan of Lindisfarne:
pray with us.

Hild of Whitby,
firm leader of both men and women;
renowned for your counsel and insight,
releasing others in their giftedness;
Hild, woman of courage and faith:
pray with us.

Cuthbert of Northumbria,
hermit and joyous worshipper;
man of prayer and spiritual warfare;
patient minister of reconciliation;
Cuthbert of the people:
pray with us.