Igniting the Flame Course

Information Regarding the “Igniting the Flame” Course:

The following information relative to the “Igniting the Flame” (ItF) course may be helpful in making your decision to enroll:

Enrollment: Fees and Pertinent Information …

  • All tuition fees will flow into a specific fund to be used for ItF scholarships and ItF retreats.
  • The course builds on readings from the course set book: “New Celtic Monasticism.” It is highly recommended that applicants read this book prior to the start of the course.
  • The ItF Course is open to all interested individuals, whether or not they are vowed members of CA&H. In addition, it is NOT a prerequisite for any vowed level of CA&H.

Curriculum Information …

  • The course start date is January 1, 2019 and will run for approximately one year.
  • The course material will be emailed to each student by unit. There are a total of ten units. Each unit takes approximately two to three weeks to complete.
  • There are four assignments which need to be submitted to your Tutor on set dates. As detailed in the course material, each assignment may take the form of music, craft or art work, in addition to a written response.

Tutor/Mentor …

  • Prior to the beginning of the course, a Tutor will be selected for each student. The Tutor is not there to “grade” or critique – but rather to receive your assignments, give you feedback, and suggest avenues to explore.
  • If for any reason the relationship between Student/Tutor or Student/Mentor is not compatible, contact the Course Coordinator as soon as possible and we will do our best to pair you with someone with whom you can more easily relate.

Communication …

  • Community Zoom Account information will be provided for Student-to-Student Group meetings where Students will have the opportunity to interact with each other and discuss course material, especially when assignments are due.
  • All assignments will be submitted by email, unless other arrangements are made with your Tutor. Tutors will also have the opportunity of Zooming directly with their Students.
  • There will be occasional gatherings that bring the entire community of Students and Tutors together as we get to know each other as family.

For further information, contact the Course Coordinator: Cheryl May at

Registration Form for 1 year course beginning January 2019
Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________________________
State: ___________________ Zip Code: ___________________
Email: __________________________________________________
Telephone: ______________________________________________

Please circle as appropriate:

  • I am/I am not a member of the Community of Aidan and Hilda.
  • I have/ I do not have a Soul Friend (Spiritual Companion) willing to accompany me through this course. A Spiritual Director can be an equivalent. If you do not, we will assist you by connecting you to a Mentor within the Community.
  • I need/do not need scholarship assistance.
  • I have/do not have a copy of ‘New Celtic Monasticism’ by Ray Simpson – the course book.

The cost of the course is $50. You may purchase copies of the book from the Community for $33. You may pay through Paypal by sending to treasurer@aidanandhilda.us. Bill Jolitz will confirm your payment.

Please scan & return this form by email to Cheryl May, pudelmomfpr@gmail.com

The information is ONLY shared with the members of the US ItF Tutor Group. These are Cynthia Helton, Leanne Johnson, Tom Johnson, and Cheryl May.



Ray has been with The Order of St. Aidan (aka The Community of Aidan and Hilda) since 2003, and is a vowed Long Voyager member. Over the years he has served on the Caim and as Texas Regional Guardian. Ray brings with him a plethora of experience with multiple denominations, pastoring several churches over the years. He has been on the faculty in several theological institutions and taught in several venues. Among others, he was on the faculty of Berea Bible and Missionary College, The University of Dallas’ Anglican School of Theology, and the School of Spirituality for the Diocese of Dallas and Fort Worth. Ray has also taught or led seminars and conferences, e.g. “Orthodox Spirituality” at St. Petersburg Theological Seminary in Russia, and “Neo-Monasticism” at Moses Merrill. He has been an active spiritual director since 1990.

Ray on his vision for the National Guardianship: Ray views the National Guardianship as a position of responsibility, not of authority. He intends to create a “bottom up” leadership style, where a Council of Regional Guardians would be formed with the National Guardian, the first among equals. When asked about the relationship between Regional Guardians and the Caim, Ray sees the Regional Guardians’ accountability would be through the National Guardian to the Caim and Trustees.

Ray will assume his position as National Guardian on Saturday, August 25th when he will be “prayed-in” at noon CDT during a Silent Retreat of the Texas Regional Group. If you can, please keep him and our community in prayer during that time (which would be 1:00 pm EDT … 11:00 am MDT … and 10:00 am PDT).

Announcing new National Guardians

October 19, 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

The Caim has unanimously set Paul Martin and Barb Williams as interim co-
National Guardians of our Community. This is in effect until October, 2018.
We have been without a National Guardian since both Tim Bonney and Dave
Lundholm resigned on March 20 th of this year. Using the UK model we
attempted an election by Voyagers. The election results did not meet the
standards of acceptance by 2/3 the Voyagers, so it failed.

The National Guardian position is important to the Community to give
inspiration and direction, and to oversee spiritual and business necessities.
The National Guardian(s) are advised, overseen and supported by the Caim.
The National Guardians are charged with prayer for all members and have a
pastoral role for the leadership.

Historically our US Community has made National Guardian transitions by
appointment. The first was from Fr. Jack Stapleton to Paul Martin in 2009.
After months of prayer, the Caim selected Tim Bonney and Dave Lundholm as
co-National Guardians to follow Paul. They were prayed-in at the Sewanee
National Retreat in 2016. After the lack of response using the UK model, the
Caim has decided to commit the next transition process to prayer for
discernment, and appoint the interim Guardians.

More information will follow, as changes are in process. We ask for your
prayers and invite your input.

In Christ’s Love,
Paul Martin & Barb Williams