Ray has been with The Order of St. Aidan (aka The Community of Aidan and Hilda) since 2003, and is a vowed Long Voyager member. Over the years he has served on the Caim and as Texas Regional Guardian. Ray brings with him a plethora of experience with multiple denominations, pastoring several churches over the years. He has been on the faculty in several theological institutions and taught in several venues. Among others, he was on the faculty of Berea Bible and Missionary College, The University of Dallas’ Anglican School of Theology, and the School of Spirituality for the Diocese of Dallas and Fort Worth. Ray has also taught or led seminars and conferences, e.g. “Orthodox Spirituality” at St. Petersburg Theological Seminary in Russia, and “Neo-Monasticism” at Moses Merrill. He has been an active spiritual director since 1990.

Ray on his vision for the National Guardianship: Ray views the National Guardianship as a position of responsibility, not of authority. He intends to create a “bottom up” leadership style, where a Council of Regional Guardians would be formed with the National Guardian, the first among equals. When asked about the relationship between Regional Guardians and the Caim, Ray sees the Regional Guardians’ accountability would be through the National Guardian to the Caim and Trustees.

Ray will assume his position as National Guardian on Saturday, August 25th when he will be “prayed-in” at noon CDT during a Silent Retreat of the Texas Regional Group. If you can, please keep him and our community in prayer during that time (which would be 1:00 pm EDT … 11:00 am MDT … and 10:00 am PDT).

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