Announcing new National Guardians

October 19, 2017

Brothers and Sisters,

The Caim has unanimously set Paul Martin and Barb Williams as interim co-
National Guardians of our Community. This is in effect until October, 2018.
We have been without a National Guardian since both Tim Bonney and Dave
Lundholm resigned on March 20 th of this year. Using the UK model we
attempted an election by Voyagers. The election results did not meet the
standards of acceptance by 2/3 the Voyagers, so it failed.

The National Guardian position is important to the Community to give
inspiration and direction, and to oversee spiritual and business necessities.
The National Guardian(s) are advised, overseen and supported by the Caim.
The National Guardians are charged with prayer for all members and have a
pastoral role for the leadership.

Historically our US Community has made National Guardian transitions by
appointment. The first was from Fr. Jack Stapleton to Paul Martin in 2009.
After months of prayer, the Caim selected Tim Bonney and Dave Lundholm as
co-National Guardians to follow Paul. They were prayed-in at the Sewanee
National Retreat in 2016. After the lack of response using the UK model, the
Caim has decided to commit the next transition process to prayer for
discernment, and appoint the interim Guardians.

More information will follow, as changes are in process. We ask for your
prayers and invite your input.

In Christ’s Love,
Paul Martin & Barb Williams

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